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The team behind Tea Moods incorporated with one shared vision: to make purchasing delicious, honest tea simple. Our enviable reputation is bolstered by our unwavering commitment to premium ingredients, delicate flavours, and professionalism. When you shop at our online tea boutique, you get your pick of the finest supply possible.


We are proud to be owned by Premier’s Tea Limited. Established in 1988, Premier’s now has over three decades of experience filling the industry gap of sourcing quality Indian teas. In a field of tea brands, Premier’s strives to stand out. Our company’s dedication to our tea-growing communities and the storied tradition of Indian tea make every sip of Premier’s an ethical one.
The sanctity of pure tea is our priority. We believe that the luxury of tea lies in its precise origins. All of our leaves only come into contact with teas from the same source. This means when you order Assam or Darjeeling from Tea Moods, you get the highest-quality single-origin tea on the market.
The pleasure of sipping Premier’s tea is firmly rooted in purity.At Tea Moods, we realise the tremendous potential of tea – not as a commodity but as a sacred social bond. Our core values cater to the needs of international tea lovers from all corners of the world. Whether you are just discovering the delights of tea or are a verified addict, Tea Moods strives to provide you total satisfaction. We watch over every aspect of the field-to-packaging-pipeline with a careful eye.The result? An online tea boutique to rival the best in the world.


Premier’s Tea Limited is headed by technically competent professionals who are passionate about tea. Their combined experience covers every small step of bringing our teas from the verdant fields of India to your home.
Starting with the selection of the best leaves and manufacturing procedures, all the way to tea tasting, processing, cleaning, and flavouring – every aspect of our process is keenly observed by industry professionals. What’s better, we oversee all packaging in our state-of-the-art Tea Plant, ensuring superior standards of hygiene and quality.


The Company’s Tea Plant, which is located at P-52, Hide Road, Kolkata, India, is an ISO 22000:2005, HACCP, GMP, & FSSC (Food Safety System Certification 22000:2010) Certified and also stands certified in compliance to pack Organic teas as per India Organic, EU, USDA, JAS & South Korean StandardsTea thrives on freshness, and we do everything we can to keep that tradition alive. At Tea Moods, we know how much you look forward to your morning or evening cup of tea. We also know that the slow seduction of the tea experience is strongest when simple.
With our vibrant flavours and artisanal aromas, we seek to revolutionise the way the modern market enjoys tea. Whether you’re sampling a loose-leaf Jasmine, Masala Chai, or our Indian Summer blend, our teas are worth closing your eyes and escaping into.


“Premier’s Tea” ASSORTMENTS include Pure Darjeeling Black & Green Teas, Speciality Darjeeling White Teas, which are produced amidst the snowcapped Himalayas in the Northern part of India, Assam Tea, produced in the North Eastern Part of India, and Nilgiri, from the Blue mountains in Southern part of India, Kangra from the Himalayan Valley, picked up during the quality period and various Speciality teas, flavored teas, fruit teas and a variety of Herbal Infusions, PACKED IN various CONSUMER & GIFT PACKS, meant for all segments, now brought to you for online shopping experience, directly from the Tea Plant situated in Country of Origin.Tea is our world.

Tea connects us and entices us. It allows us moments of peace and defines a deep sense of culture. Throughout history, tea has been used as both an olive branch and a weapon. In fact, from India to the all parts of the Globe, our societies are so steeped in tea, it is hard to imagine a world without it.

From the gardens of Darjeeling and Assam to your favourite mug, the journey of your tea is centuries-old.
At Tea Moods, we understand our stake in upholding the storied legacy of tea and do everything we can to honour and maintain its inheritance.


At  Premier’s we always believed in the sanctity of pure teas and therefore make every conceivable effort to retain its purity and originality. Our production team ensures that no tea of one origin is ever blended with teas of other origins. As a result what you get is just pure teas of single origin.Teas are best enjoyed fresh. Against common belief, much like produce, teas can grow stale with time. Fine teas like Jasmine and Chai can lose the aroma and depth that characterise their full-flavoured profiles. Our fresh teas are sourced and packaged to provide a sublime sipping experience. We take every measure possible to make sure our teas arrive at your door as fresh as nature intended them to be. Trusting Tea Moods as your go-to tea supplier ensures every sip is exotic and transformative.Darjeeling, Assam, and Nilgiri are three of the most iconic tea producing regions in the world. Much like the fine wines of France, the area where tea is grown is crucial to how the tea will taste. This sense of sun, moon, soil, and climate is known as terroir.

TEA BOARD – INDIA AUTHORIZATION (Under Ministry of Commerce, Govt. of India. New Delhi.)

Premier’s Tea has been authorized by Tea Board, India (under Ministry of Commerce, Government of India) to use their Darjeeling CTM, Assam, Nilgiri and Kangra logos & India marketing logo, on all its products containing myriad range of teas, which is a mark of authentication of the purity and origin of our teas.


At Teamoods, we realize the potential of tea, not as a commodity but as a relation – bonding agent. Our determination is to cater to the needs of various International Tea Lovers and to give them total satisfaction which has gradually but firmly taken shape over the years. Brand “Tea moods” was launched, on requests of the followers or customers coming from overseas who want to be regular users of our Teas but absence of an Online Retail Tea Shop didn’t allow them to buy at their own will.

We, the representatives at Premier’s are like Umpires keeping a close eye on the quality/purity of tea, so that tea drinkers can always enjoy the aroma and flavor/liquor quality of the tea instead of getting bothered about contamination.

Teamoods online boutique, Teamoods.in guarantees the utmost quality of the Gourmet tea products as stated, on maximum 24-48 Official Indian working hours shipping time and the reasonable prices among Tea stores online. Enjoy shopping & enjoy “Premier’s” Tea.Making an informed Indian tea purchase is easy with Tea Moods. Every batch of our curated teas renders you an accessory in keeping the experience of tea authentic and informed. Don’t keep compromising on purity and flavour; Premier’s Tea Limited promises to stand by our commitments to providing you the best product possible, making every steep and every sip special.

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