Passion Fruit Whole Leaf Tea (125 gms) – PM PF

Premier’s Passion Fruit Tea is a flavoured tea with a blend black tea base that has been infused with the essence of the oil of the passion fruit flower. Premier’s passion fruit tea is astringent coupled with a slightly sweet and fruity taste.

Passion fruit is by the scientific name of passiflora edulis or by its alternative common name granadillas. The colour is at times yellow or dark purple at maturity and has a soft to firm, juicy interior and is strewn with numerous seeds. The fruit can be eaten as is and its juice can be extracted.

Premier’s in house blend brew perfect for those sultry summer days; our Passion Fruit Tea Fresh Brew is designed to be at its best chilled or over ice. We’ve blended full leaf black tea picked by hand with the sweet flavours of passion fruit to create a fresh, tropical brew that indulges the mind and the tongue at once. Enjoy plain and chilled, or add a dash of your favourite sweetener for refreshment with a dessert twist.

You will sense refreshing with a relaxing sweet aroma from passion fruits. It is easy to make with 5 simple ingredients and no refined-sugar. A perfect drink to beat the heat in the summer! Passion Fruit makes perfect summer drinks. If You are using tea bag , just et it brew for 3 minutes or a bit more depending on Your taste , and if You are using loose leaf passion fruit tea, add the tea, and brew it to Your own likeness. Brewing time recommendation- 3-4 minutes per cup serving. Enjoy a Passion fruit Iced Tea , our favourite.


Leaf teas hygienically packed in domed-shaped round metal caddies with an easy to open-lid to retain freshness.


Best served without milk or creamer and a dash of sweetener. We recommend making this brew into an ice tea

Category: Flavoured Tea

Type: Black Tea

Net Weight: 125 gms